Quality Control

The driving force behind our approach to quality control is simple - to assure that our customers receive the highest quality, airworthy parts, every single time they order.  We are an FAA Production Approval Holder (PAH No. PQ2685CE-D), and our quality philosophy is further geared toward compliance with ISO 9001 standards.  As part of that philosophy, we have implemented an internal audit system to evaluate and measure compliance to quality requirements (something not required by the FAA).  Other key components of our quality program include:

Part Conformity - To verify that the final part conforms to the blueprint, we use a range of inspection equipment such as coordinate measuring machines, digital micrometers, optical comparators, and electronic height stands.

Inspection - The FAA delegates our Designated Airworthiness Representative or Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives to perform conformity and airworthiness inspections.  Thus, where others have to call in an FAA inspector for parts verification, we have a Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative on site.  This allows us to be far more responsive in both the development and shipment of our products.

Traceability - All ACS parts are identified as a PMA component manufactured by ACS for traceability, and are supported by certifications for raw materials, manufacturing lots, machining, and any special processing.  Any and all design requirements specified on the blueprint can be traced through certifications.