Partnering with a core group of world-class aerospace providers, the manufacturing side of our business begins with complete machining and turning capabilities including CNC multi-axis (3-, 4-, and 5-axis) machining.

State-of-the-art capabilities also allow us to take advantage of the latest manufacturing methods to reprocess older parts for closer tolerances, less part-to-part variation, better surface finishes, shorter manufacturing lead times, and reduced costs.

Other manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Grinding and forming to achieve tolerances in the .0001 inch range for greater part to part uniformity and better surface finishes.
  • JIG grinding of elliptical and other non-round parts for tight tolerances, part uniformity, and superior surface finish.
  • Super finishing for surface finish of less than 4 micro-inches (rms) to reduce friction and wear.
  • Heat treating to achieve proper hardness levels, including nitriding parts after heat treating to produce a hard, wear-resistant case.
  • Coating and plating, including anodizing aluminum, hard chrome and nickel plating of steel, molecular dry film, primer, paint, and all common aerospace finishes.
  • Injection molding and trimming of elastomeric parts.